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Published on 12 November, 1999

Story number 2 for 12 Nov 1999

Next, we turn to this coming Sunday which has been designated “The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church”. Open Doors’ Terry Madison says: “We anticipate well over 100-thousand churches in America this year will join with the body of Christ worldwide in prayer for the persecuted church. It would be my hope that the pastor would preach about suffering and the fact that it is part of God’s economy.” Madison says it is important to participate because it brings encouragement and hope to others. More importantly, he hopes: “…that we remember those who are in bonds and who suffer for their faith. We look forward to people in the pew, and the pastors in the pulpit to offer praise and thanks to the Lord for those who do suffer for their faith, and to intercede on their behalf.” The top five countries on Open Door’s World Watch list are: Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Sudan, China and Yemen.

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