Story number 2 for 12 Sep 2002

By September 12, 2002

(USA)–Meanwhile, as millions of Americans stopped yesterday to remember the victims of 9-11, a ministry is praying for revival in American churches. Life Action Ministries’ John Myers says the terror attacks last year had little lasting impact on the spiritual well being of the church and that’s why they’re preaching on…”Repentance, brokenness, humility, and forgiveness. If we can really preach those truths from God’s word, God’s spirit can take those things, apply them to the life of the believer and, as they’re obedient unto God then we really believe we’ll see an impact in the church and the life of the believer.” Myers says the Lord worked in their hearts just before revival teams were sent out. “Shut down our ministry, invite someone in from the outside to preach to us and basically put ourselves in the same position that we put a church into when we go into an extended crusade.” Pray that these teams will be used to see many turn to Christ in the months ahead.

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