Story number 2 for 13 Jun 2000

By June 13, 2000

Next, Nigeria has recently experienced civil unrest and rioting over Sharia law.
However, Christian Blind Mission International says their work is a haven for people. Dr. Kiru is with the ECWA Eye Hospital in Kano, Nigeria. “So far we haven’t had any difficulty. The way that this can affect us is that some of the people from the South will find it difficult to travel to the north where we are situated. But, the work in the hospital, I don’t think personally, is going to be affected because they know that they are safe in that eye hospital.” Since he began working there in 1994, Kiru has seen evangelism take place in ways that also meet other needs. “The hospital is the evangelical church of West Africa-known as ECWA church. What we can do, by way of witnessing is to continue to offer the services without prejudice.” Dr. Kiru serves as Medical Director of the hospital and also the Medical Advisor for all the CBM eye projects in Nigeria.

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