Story number 2 for 13 Jun 2002

By June 13, 2002

(Middle East)–Meanwhile, there’s a move of God in at least one area Muslim world. That’s the word from Evangelist Sammy Tippit who just returned from the region. “I cannot mention the name of the country for security reasons. We’ve been able to do training for several years now with these leaders and we’re seeing the fruit of that. There are no mission agencies, no missionaries that can go into this particular country. But, through technology, through training leaders outside of the country and then going back into the country, is enabling us to really impact the nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Tippit says there’s increasing pressure on Christians because of the increasing number of Christians. He says radio could really help. “We need someone to sponsor a radio broadcast that will go into three country that I can say are the most difficult countries in the world. It would be listened to by between four and five million people who are predominately Muslim.” The cost? About four-thousand dollars a month.

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