Story number 2 for 13 Mar 2001

By March 13, 2001

(Sri Lanka)–Elsewhere, the Sri Lankan Government and Tamil Tiger rebels are moving toward meeting for peace talks. The two sides have not met for five years, while nearly two decades of civil war has ravaged the country and its people. International Needs Network’s Dave Culross says in the midst of the struggle and persecution of Christians, there is hope. Culross explains their outreach. “We operate a school in what they call the ‘slum canals’. Our school there has close to 400 students, and by this time next year, we trust it will be over 500 in a brand new facility that was just dedicated a year ago.” Culross says because of their location, they can reach whole families through their educational curriculum. “In addition to teaching the Scripture verses, the program at our school is specifically geared to give them an opportunity to invite Jesus Christ into their hearts as Savior. The schooling system seems to be their escape from poverty, so it has a high premium.”

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