Story number 2 for 13 Nov 2002

By November 13, 2002

(Tajikistan)–Elsewhere, in spite of a reputation of being a restricted access area, Bible Mission International’s Malcolm Smith says they’ve had a major breakthrough for outreach in Central Asia. “We have just come back from Tajikistan where we installed the first computer network training center in the country. We had a very exciting time of taking 25 people that had never seen computers before, and were able to leave after a week of training with a team of seven people that were able to do trouble shooting, and teaching and setting up and networking computers.” Smith says they’re partnering with the local church, which is where the ministry comes in. “We are working with an official invitation through the ministry of religious affairs in Tajikistan, and they have given us clearance to come and work with 35 schools where we can provide computer training. What makes this significant is the fact that the church has a cutting edge technology tool that they will now be able to use to reach people with the Gospel.”

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