Story number 2 for 14 Aug 2003

By August 14, 2003

(Congo-Brazzaville)–Next, in the Republic of Congo, Hope Builders International’s Johan Gous says they’re making plans to send in an evangelistic team. Lack of funds outweigh the dangers of militia fighting as a threat to this mission. Gous says they’ll lose contact with the team when they enter the bush. As to the danger: “It flares up every so often. We’re sending people into an area where they believe, and we believe that God has called them to go, but we need to be responsible, we need to get them the equipment. Satellite telephone, the GPS (Global Positioning System), and the solar battery charger.” Gous says once their team has the needed equipment, they plan to head into an area populated by Pygmies. There, they can build on a relationship started by a local pastor recently. “There is not a single literate person there, and not one that we know of, that has responded to the Gospel. However, in our contact trips, they have now invited him to come and bring the Gospel.”

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