Story number 2 for 14 Dec 2000

By December 14, 2000

Next, although the “official” Mozambique flood relief operation has ended, the devastation left by the deluge remains. Air Serv International continues their support work there, beginning with the monumental task of the redevelopment phase. Air Serv’s Bob Strother describes a new venture. “AirServ is working with US AID-we’ve just started a project of direct aid to thousands of people, and this will continue for the next three months. AID is also assisting with road reconstruction, railroad reconstruction, some water projects.” Strother says they’re often able to share their faith through their work. He asks that people pray because: “Flying is always a challenge, and safety is just compounded many times over by the lack of facilities for navigation, for upkeep of the runways, for weather reporting, and indeed, for the pilots.”

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