Story number 2 for 15 Aug 2001

By August 15, 2001

(Undated)–Next, while 24 aid workers are still under arrest in Afghanistan one Christian agency says there are risks in countries closed to the Gospel. International Aid provides assistance in many of them. I-A’s Chief Operating Officer Jinny DeJong (deyoung) says they go because of God’s call. “When people risk themselves for the Gospel we are concerned. At the same time we know that this is what God wants us to do. It’s part of being faithful. And, there are risks that people need to take for the Gospel.” Four Germans, two Americans, two Australians and 16 Afghanis were arrested for spreading Christianity. DeJong says Christians need to pray for all workers abroad. “We need to continue to pray for all of those representatives of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that are working all over the world. And, those faithful ambassadors of Jesus Christ are willing to put their lives on the line and our hearts need to continually hold them up in prayer.”

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