Story number 2 for 15 Aug 2002

By August 15, 2002

(Afghanistan) — Next, a Christian humanitarian relief agency has been invited to help the people of Afghanistan rebuild. President of International Aid Myles Fish says they recently open a medical clinic there, but he was surprised by a government invitation. “This trip resulted in the minister of public health asking us to be involved in literally rebuilding the two largest hospitals there in the capitol city. We’re not able to agree to do that yet because we’re uncertain of what the funding source would be.” According to Fish, if they had the funding this would be a milestone project. “One reason is because the Gospel has been absolutely barred from that society for years. And, so it’s a fresh new mission field where you’ve got a population that is anxious to hear something different from what they’ve heard in the past. So, we’re very excited about what it’s going to mean for the kingdom.”

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