Story number 2 for 15 Feb 2002

By February 15, 2002

(Haiti)–Meanwhile, physical problems continue to plague the Haitian people. For Haiti with Love’s Eva DeHart describes the situation. “When you pass a church there are five or six children’s caskets lined up in front because they can no longer accommodate one funeral at a time. They’re back into the things that they were in during the embargo when it comes to food and starving people.” For Haiti will be signing papers this week, giving them ownership of their headquarters in Cap Haitien. DeHart says puts them in a great position to help, but they need financial assistance to do so. “We can feed a person for about $10 a month. It’s not only giving them food for their physical needs, but we’re healing their hurts in the clinic and we’re reinforcing the fact that their help is going to come from God. They’ve got to turn to God.”

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