Story number 2 for 15 Jan 2003

By January 15, 2003

(Croatia)–Elsewhere, Croatia’s success story, in the days since war, is its transition into modernity and recovery. World Bible Translation Center’s Roger Massey agrees. He believes change is the way of life now, paving the way for the launch of their newest easy-to-read work last month. “The Translation Center released its Croatian New Testament in a downtown library in Zagreb. This is important because, following the war between Serbia and Croatia, we had to wait for the political climate and the language to settle down.” Massey says the challenge was getting the New Testament ready for a globally aware age group quite unlike its predecessor. “This is a Scripture that’s for the cell-phone generation. If something is not up-to-date, if something is not modern in their speak, they tend to discount it, disregard it as not useful.” Please pray for the churches as they familiarize themselves with this new tool, and pray that people’s hearts will be open.

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