Story number 2 for 15 Jun 2000

By June 15, 2000

Meanwhile, almost two-thirds of Guatemalans are living in extreme poverty. Guatemalans also suffer the lowest education levels on the continent. It is these conditions that actually open doors for the Gospel. CAM International’s Dale Vick gave us this report on “Faith in Action’s” recent trip. “The people are so hungry for the Gospel. It’s just so incredible to see their desire to want things of the Lord versus here in the United States where a lot of it is materialism. These people down there don’t have as much and so when you come in and do a project like this, the people just come around. We had hundreds of people that would just gather around and we would pass out the tracts and share Christ.” Vick says the workers need prayer for the ever-growing body of Christ. “Pray for the stamina of the missionaries, and not only the missionaries there, but also the nationals. It’s great, it’s almost a never-ending cycle, but just for stamina for them for growth, for encouragement that the Lord would give them some encouragement.”

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