Story number 2 for 15 Nov 1999

By November 15, 1999

Next, Mission Network News’ Greg Yoder has been in Tibet investigating the status of the church there and how the western church can help lead more Tibetans to Christ. Greg, what have you learned? “Peter, there are virtually no Tibetan Christians in what’s called the autonomous region of Tibet which really a Chinese military occupation. You can probably count them on two hands. However, I’ve been traveling with International Aid Incorporated and they’ve been touching base with tent making ministries here and it looks like they’re going to assist these ministries, through special initiatives, in leading Tibetans to Christ.” Greg, have you seen any evidence that the Chinese don’t want you there. “It’s been unreal. I’ve had my phone tapped, internet filtered, computer pilfered, I’ve been followed by secret police, who weren’t too secret. But, though it all we know God will prevail, but we need people to pray for Tibet.” MNN’s Greg Yoder speaking from Tibet.

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