Story number 2 for 16 Dec 2002

By December 16, 2002

(Mexico)–Elsewhere, crime and the drug culture are a persistent plague in Tijuana’s population. Authorities say the troubles often have unintended victims-the children. YUGO Ministries’ Wayne Freeland says they are responding. “Initially, it will be to create a(n) orphanage facility that will be able to house between 20 and 30 children. There are literally thousands of street children; many are abandoned, but a significant number are orphaned as well. These children survive any way they can.” Freeland adds that although they are committed to reaching the children, there is much more at stake. He says that makes their work long term. “If we see someone in need, but do not provide the practical needs, our faith is really worthless. But, by meeting those practical needs as Christ did, we also share the Gospel.” You can get details by visiting our website.

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