Story number 2 for 16 May 2000

By May 16, 2000

Next, Food for the Hungry is in hand-to-hand combat with the famine in Ethiopia. FHI’s Ted Yamamori says the severity of the famine cannot be explained enough. When the next team heads over at the end of the week, Mission Network News’ Greg Yoder will be with them. Yamamori explains the areas they’ll be in. “He will be taken to the northern part of Ethiopia where we have been working and where we have to be very cautious not to have that region slip into famine stage. Also, he’ll be visiting the southern part where he will be able to see the severity of the drought. Ethiopia as a whole, needs 1.3 million metric tons of grain in order to survive.” Yamamori says a border war in the north worsened the famine, but peace comes from the Gospel. He adds it’s not too late for people to get involved. “It is very important that people pray for the people who are suffering from this prolonged drought…and when Greg sees through his own eyes, the plight of the people out there, we just want to cry out for people to really pray. They can send donations to agencies that are on the ground that are credible to be able to carry on the mission.”

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