Story number 2 for 16 Oct 2000

By October 16, 2000

Meanwhile, Christians can minister to needy children around the world from their home. Food for the Hungry’s child sponsorship program is now on-line. Food for the Hungry’s Rory Starks says it’s a unique program. “Through the internet we’re going to be able to provide much more information about the child, the child’s family the community, the Food for the Hungry workers in the Community. We’re also wanting to provide information about the culture, the music, the food that the people in the community eat, so that we create much more of a connection between the sponsor and the child and that child’s community.” It’s called Esponsorship-dot-org. Starks says it will allow faster communication by participants, opening doors for evangelism. “What we are hoping for is to create even more linkage between the sponsor in the U-S who is typically as believer and the child in the community. We want to use this as an opportunity for people to be able to share their faith.” The program costs 24-dollars a month. They have a goal of 500 sponsorships this month.

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