Story number 2 for 17 Apr 2003

By April 17, 2003

(USA) — Next, while a United States victory in Iraq is nearly assured, a U-S based ministry isn’t sure the victory will be good spiritually for the country founded under God. Life Action Revival Ministries’ Byron Paulus. “One of the fears I have is that in a nation that already has a tendency, especially in the life of the church, to trust and depend on materialism and our military might. Could it be that we suffered a greater defeat if we were given a victory and yet lost a more important war and that is the war against sin? To think we won a military battle while we’re murdering over one-million unborn children every year, while we’re experiencing over one-million divorces every year. You have to stop and ask yourself the question, ‘are we better off spiritually or will we grow more cold and more complacent because now we can see that there’s victory without dealing with the real heart issues.”

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