Story number 2 for 17 Aug 2000

By August 17, 2000

Meanwhile, people around the world are being asked to pray for Portland Festival with Luis Palau Friday and Saturday. Andrew Palau says thousands of people will gather in the city’s popular Tom McCall Waterfront Park. He says this isn’t your typical Luis Palau evangelistic meeting. “Instead of going to like our Memorial Coliseum, or some such place, we want to go right to the living room of the city, which here is Tom McCall’s Waterfront Park. It’s where all of our big events happen in the city. So, we feel like having our festival here will help to break down barriers and help to get people out so they can hear what they need the most the Good News.” Palau expects more than 80-thousand people to attend the free event, but he needs people to pray. “Everybody’s talking about it, it should be even bigger than last year. But, the one thing I’d like you to pray about is the weather. That’s the one thing that’s totally in God’s control. And, we would ask for a perfect beautiful day and that would make all the difference in the world.”
Portland Festival will be carried live on the internet at

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