Story number 2 for 17 Dec 1999

By December 17, 1999

Next, as despair grips parts of Eastern Europe, Christians are struggling to find material to help teach hope to the children. The answer to their needs came from New Hope International in the form of a four-year Sunday School curriculum. Hank Paulson says they asked themselves: “‘What part of society is most open to be reached?’ It is very much under 20 years of age. Very often parents, that come to the churches, that allow Christian workers into the public schools say ‘If they have any hope, any message for my children, please, let them come.'” Paulson adds they are hoping to train as many as 1500 national workers to help with the community ministry. “It’s a program that helps children develop and make Christ very much the center of their lives. It’s a commitment involved, but it’s also a lot more-it’s making followers of Jesus Christ that we are concerned about. So, we are saying ‘can we help in a strategic way to make a difference for these children?'”

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