Story number 2 for 17 Feb 2003

By February 17, 2003

(Indonesia)–Meanwhile, Indonesia’s tensions are not slowing the enthusiasm of evangelistic-minded nationals. Walk Through the Bible’s Terry Sparks says because they had had no communications with their Indonesian team members since before October, they thought the projects had failed. However, upon return from a recent visit, Sparks says, “I found out not only are we not losing it, but it’s now expanded to 21 cities in Indonesia. The leadership there is saying that ‘even though you can’t go as Americans, now is the time to minister in Indonesia, because people are really hungry for this material.” Sparks acknowledges concerns for the believers in Indonesia. “I would just ask for people to pray for their protection, and for a boldness and a wisdom that they would be wise as serpents, harmless as doves…in other words, that they wouldn’t bring any unnecessary attention to themselves, but at the same time, that they would speak for the Lord whenever they have the opportunity.”

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