Story number 2 for 17 Jan 2001

By January 17, 2001

Meanwhile, as the rescue task shifts to the search for bodies, aid agencies are rushing supplies to the throngs of people affected by the earthquake. International Aid is one of many evangelical agencies helping in the relief effort. I-A’s Jerry Dykstra. “Our initial response is we’re sending two shipments of medicines, medical supplies, food and hygiene kits. That will also be augmented by our representative in Honduras, who will trucking supplies from Honduras to El Salvador this weekend. We’re also sending an assessment team and they’ll do an assessment. If there’s other things that they particularly need they’ll be sent down there also.” According to Dykstra, this relief is being given for more than physical reasons. “We’re really the arms and legs and face of Jesus down there. And, once they see that the people really care about them, that Christians care about them, I think that just make them more receptive to hearing the word of God.” Dykstra says they’re still raising funds for shipping and other expenses. Call 1-800-251-2502 to help.

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