Story number 2 for 17 Jun 2003

By June 17, 2003

(China)–Meanwhile, the SARS outbreak in China is causing problems for Bible distribution. The Bible League’s Andrew Harbert says government imposed travel restrictions have canceled Bible smuggling trips to China. “We normally take groups into China – taking Bibles into China. And, as you know China suspended all international tourist groups into China, at least into the mid part of July. That means that groups that do bring Bibles into China can not bring them into the country.” Harbert 300-thousand Bibles have gone undelivered. Road blocks have also been set up within China. He says that’s having an affect on domestic distribution in China. “Most of your Chinese leaders are already wanted by police. So, if they show up at a roadblock, or are asked by the police for their I-d, bang they’re caught. So, they’re basically ground for the time being.” Harbert says many people are seeking answers to spiritual questions, making it fertile ground for evangelism.

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