Story number 2 for 17 Oct 2002

By October 17, 2002

(Brazil)–Elsewhere, Brazil could be one of the countries that could have a huge impact on evangelizing the Muslim world. Doctor David Shibley with Global Advance just returned from the latest Frontline Shepherds’ Conference in Manaus, Brazil. He says more than one-thousand people attended. “What was particularly thrilling to me was to see the literal hundreds upon hundreds of pastors who committed to plant at least one new church within the next 12 months, and also the hundreds of young Brazilian pastors and church leaders who committed themselves as cross cultural missionaries.” Because of cultural similarities, Shibley says Brazilians could be the key to reaching the Arab world. “They laughingly joke about even their skin type being similar to that of many of the Arab speaking peoples. So, I believe there are some natural parallels that the Brazilian church has that makes them prime candidates to be missionaries to the Islamic world.”

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