Story number 2 for 18 Apr 2001

By April 18, 2001

(Colombia)–Next, New Tribes Missions reports that there is some misinformation is circulating about the welfare of their three missionaries, now missing more than eight years in Colombia. A false report is passing in Christian circles indicating that the men were murdered a couple of years ago. New Tribes’ Scott Ross. “The three human rights’ workers that were killed and dropped over in Venezuela have brought a lot of confusion to our case. Some people misunderstood [and thought] that it was our three men that had been killed. But, we have no leads indicating the men are alive or recently sighted. We just can’t make any statement that they have or have not survived.” As to the progress of the search for the men, Ross says: “We do have leads-we’d love very much to get credible information from these leads indicating whether our men did or did not survive. We’d just ask people to pray that our folks that get down into Colombia can seek out the truth in some of these leads.”

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