Story number 2 for 18 Aug 2000

By August 18, 2000

Next, rivers are rising again in India’s northeast this week, heaping more agony on the victims of floods. Nearly 300 people are feared to have died and millions made homeless across India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Farms International’s Harold Ebersole believes they’ve escaped the worst of the crisis. “As far as we know, at this time there have not been major effects in the areas of the Chittagong Hills where the Trippura tribe and the Farms program is located. If there had been major effects, we probably would have heard about it from our people there.” Ebersole adds that through their approach, the light of the Gospel is also sown. “You get income going into the church; the church can then free up evangelists,/pastors to go out and share the Gospel. The church can say to the pastors, ‘Okay, we’re taking care of your family, here’s some rice, go out and share the Gospel.'”

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