Story number 2 for 18 Dec 2000

By December 18, 2000

Elsewhere, missionaries are alarmed about fighting between Guinean rebels and government troops. Christian and Missionary Alliance’s Dennis Westlake says rebels are crossing the Liberian border attacking cities and villages in Guinea. But, he says there are only a few workers in the most troubled areas. “At this point, they have not pulled them out. The closest other family that we have is in Mamou. That family was planning to go a little bit North. Everyone else is located in the capital city, so we’re not real concerned about that right now, but we’ll definitely be keeping our ears open and seeing how things progress.” Westlake says missionaries face tough decisions and need prayer. “Can you leave a church, when they need your ministry more than ever? Is it the time to leave when you’re attempting to reach Muslims? They are at a vulnerable, and perhaps, the most open point in their lives: is that the time to leave?”

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