Story number 2 for 18 Feb 2003

By February 18, 2003

(Venezuela)–Next, Venezuela’s seven-week-old strike has crippled the country’s economy and has had an impact on ministry. Mission Network News’ Ruth Bliss reports. “The office of the Bible League in Caracas has been forced to close each day by noon, due to the problems in the country. One Bible League staff member, who was attending evangelism training when the strike began, was unable to return home for several weeks. Nationwide fuel shortages have also hindered work and travel. The economic turmoil and rising unemployment is underscored by violent street clashes between Chavez allies and enemies that have left seven dead and scores injured since December. After three months of fruitless negotiations, Chavez has refused to bend to opposition demands for early elections. Despite the difficult environment, God is using the Bible League. Recent results showed that 73-percent of all new contacts participated in Bible studies with believers from local churches. Pray that this results in many turning to Christ. For Mission Network News, I’m Ruth Bliss.”

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