Story number 2 for 18 Jul 2001

By July 18, 2001

(Vietnam)–Meanwhile, a resurgence of persecution against Christians is being reported from Vietnam. International Needs Network’s Dave Culross explains how the problem has affected their outreach. “A whole group of our church planters had to shut down their work in one geographic area and move to a different region of the country, because they were under such attack by the leaders of the political groups in those neighborhoods. Physical and other kinds of attacks were becoming quite common; it was just too dangerous for them to remain there.” However, Culross says they are still working to expand their outreach. He says this launch needs prayer support. “We are trying to launch a program that will give additional training and fellowship and encouragement to our church planters who are out in areas where they don’t see other believers. Pray that this will be done successfully, and pray for the protection, both physical and spiritual for Christian leaders as they reach out to people who have never before heard the Gospel.”

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