Story number 2 for 19 Oct 2000

By October 19, 2000

Next, the lack of peace in Israel continues to be a concern to mission agencies, but it’s not curbing their resolve to see people come to Christ. The Bridge International’s R-K Ulrich says there are very few missionaries in the Holy Land and more are needed. “It’s has been more difficult for western missionaries to be there. They’ve been expelled. And, that’s where I would say again to Americans if they feel a call to go to Israel, they should consider going as a tent maker. It is a great opportunity for what we call friendship evangelism.” Ulrich says problems in Israel have had a direct impact on evangelistic activity in the Middle East and we need to pray. “We should pray for all the wonderful missionaries from America. Because, they are again, identified as Christians and there’s a lot of fight against them. So, we need to pray for them. Pray for their protection. Pray for encouragement for their faith.”

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