Story number 2 for 19 Oct 2001

By October 19, 2001

(India)–We turn next to India, a country where everybody is supposed to have equal rights and opportunities. However, one out of every four people considered ‘untouchable’, is a member of the lowest caste in India. This group, the Dalits, is planning to renounce their Hindu faith November 4th. Evangelism Explosion International’s Tom Stebbins says they’ll be ready. “We believe in multi-individual conversion. In other words, you can have a whole movement, but you have to be dealing with individuals so that each person makes that personal commitment, on their own, to Christ.” Stebbins says the churches they work with share a similar vision. “It’s not a matter of just changing from an emblem of some other religion to a cross and saying, ‘Now, I’m a Christian.’ That’s why equipping the church to equip the believers to go out and witness one on one and share the Gospel and bring people to a genuine commitment is so crucial.” Please pray that not only will new believers find discipleship, but also that all the churches involved will be prepared.

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