Story number 2 for 2 Aug 2000

By August 2, 2000

Meanwhile, the life of the evangelist is an important part of sharing the message of the Gospel. That’s the word from Doctor Gerry O. Gillimore, speaking at Amsterdam 2000. Greg Yoder reports. “Integrity was the focus of a message by the Miami based evangelists. Gillimore says there’s more to sharing the Gospel than just proclaiming it. “The message must be right, but equally important the messenger much be righteous. There is no way that we can separate the message from the messenger. If something is deficient in either of these then you’re not going to have effective communication.” Werner Burklin of China Partners International agrees with Gilmore. He says it’s evident in the way many Chinese share the Gospel. “I find that the churches in China being filled with Christians who dearly love Christ and who practice lifestyle evangelism. And, I think in China they have really understood what it is to follow Jesus according to the precepts and according to what the read in scripture, and therefore they’re very powerful in that.” Greg Yoder for the Amsterdam 2000 Radio Network.”

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