Story number 2 for 2 May 2000

By May 2, 2000

Meanwhile, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to help disciple Christians in China. That’s the word from China Partner’s Erik Burklin. Burklin is participating in theological training there this week. However, Burklin says it hasn’t been easy getting there. “Because of the increase of more and more evangelical groups going to China wanting to help the church in China that always has to be answered to by, to the government. So, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get permission sometimes even to the point of, like in our case, we have been restricted with the amount of time that we can teach.” According to Burklin, because of the lack of theological education cults are forming in large numbers. “So many are coming to know Christ with lack of good evangelical training and discipleship because there are not enough pastors to do that. And, so many veer off and misinterpret a verse here and there and before you know it you have another cult.” Pray that more education will be available in the months ahead.

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