Story number 2 for 2 Sep 2002

By September 2, 2002

(Madagascar)–Next, following a year of political upheaval and crisis that threatened to topple the stability of Madagascar, the country is going through a period of relative calm. The Seed Company’s Parke Brown says this comes at a time when they need a break in order to proceed. “With the recognition of President Marc Ravalomanana, we’ve actually found that the tensions have decreased greatly in Madagascar. That has actually allowed us to hold a third workshop in a series that we’re doing for five languages groups in translating the Jesus Film.” Brown says The Seed Company works to translate the Scriptures into the heart language of people groups still without God’s Word. As the work in Madagascar continues: “Pray for the country as it heals and as this new government is established, that peace will continue. We do want to pray for the teams as they make progress on the Gospel of Luke and for the staff of the five different countries that’ll be coming to help them.”

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