Story number 2 for 20 Aug 2002

By August 20, 2002

(Philippines)–Next, DXAS Zamboanga has been in Christian broadcasting in the Southern Philippines for more than three decades. However, the radio station is going off the air for three to six months in order to refocus their strength in ministry. Far East Broadcasting Company’s Jonathan Mortiz explains. “Before, the focus of DXAS became so much of reaching [an ]evangelical audience. However, right now, we are expanding its outreach to more marginalized Muslim communities.” Mortiz says once they get back on the air, they’re hoping to open new doors for the Gospel in these communities and asks believers to pray for: “God’s leading for the FEBC management team, as they consider a new thrust to reach more marginalized communities in the Zamboanga and Basilan areas in the future; and then, God’s provision for the needed people and resources at the soonest possible time so the station can begin afresh.”

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