Story number 2 for 20 Dec 2000

By December 20, 2000

Elsewhere, the persecution of Christians in India has had little effect on the work to which the World Bible Translation Center is committed. However, WBTC’s Dale Randolph says, following the release of the Punjabi New Testament, and the Malayalam (MAL-ee-AHL-um) Bible translations, they ran into some snags. “We have had difficulty only in that our native staff over there who does distribution, have had to almost totally curtail carrying Bibles in the State of Gujarat and then the Oriya State. Our people are no longer able to go in and freely distribute Bibles, so we contact existing churches and it’s shipped in to them.” Randolph urges believers to remember the persecuted church in prayer. He adds: “India is quite a positive thing for us. We’ve produced a text in 14 major languages in India and have a very active distribution of Bibles basically all across the country with the exception of those two States.”

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