Story number 2 for 20 Mar 2000

By March 20, 2000

Elsewhere, Ukraine’s trouble with the International Monetary Fund belies the serious state of the country’s economy. Because the people are cash poor, ministries face quite a challenge. However, that doesn’t stop evangelism. On the contrary, says New Hope International’s Hank Paulson. “It’s not just the economic difficulties the country is facing. It’s also facing a moral and spiritual crisis. Many of the church leadership in Ukraine have asked for us to come alongside national staff and partner with them. That has resulted in us providing salaries for a full-time person, who then, in turn can go into the ministry and share the good news of Jesus Christ.” Paulson says they developed a unique way to help. “We make the materials available through resource libraries throughout the country where children’s workers, teachers, youth workers, pastors can come and check out resource materials, use them, and then after a semester, come back and exchange them for another set.”

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