Story number 2 for 20 Nov 2000

By November 20, 2000

Next, hundreds of people gave their hearts to Christ during Gospel meetings in Egypt and more outreach is planned. Greg Yoder was at the meetings last night and files this report. “Energetic singing closed out Sammy Tippit’s four days of Gospel meetings here in Cairo. One-thousand-36 people gave their hearts to Christ — 273 tonight at the host church alone. Tippit says these numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. “This 1,000 was just in this church. There are over 600 churches throughout Egypt – we don’t know the results yet, but we believe tens of thousands have made the same kind of commitment, so we believe this is going to be an infusion throughout Egypt and the churches. And, we’re just expecting God to send a great revival.” Tippit says families from other Egyptian cultures, police officers guarding the event, and even young people came to Christ. He says a Church Growth Conference, which coincided with this event, may also encourage similar outreach in other Middle Eastern Countries. Greg Yoder, Mission Network News, Cairo.”

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