Story number 2 for 21 Dec 1999

By December 21, 1999

Next, Koreans world-wide will be able to see and hear the true story of Christmas via the Internet. Manmin World Mission of South Korea is planning to webcast a special Christmas Eve Service this week. M-W-M’s Johnny Kim says the service in Seoul will feature drama, music and God’s spoken word. “I believe it is the time of the digital revolution and a lot of people are getting accustomed to the internet system. So, a lot of people are using email and computer systems. So, through this kind of system we can reach a lot of people in the world especially Koreans and a lot of ethnic groups.” Kim is asking people to spread the word. “Pray for public relations. No matter what kind of great programming we may have unless people in the world know about what’s the use of the good programming? ” Not only can people hear it at, but the service will also be opened to local people.

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