Story number 2 for 21 Dec 2001

By December 21, 2001

(Russia)–Meanwhile, an internet Bible correspondence course is targeting Russian speakers with the Gospel. Greater Europe Mission’s Rich Bonham says they’re partnering with Mission Aviation Fellowship, Bible Mission International and Moody Bible Institute. Bonham says it’ll be patterned after MBI’s program. “They have a series of five courses that Bible Mission International has translated those courses into Russian. And, they’ve had a success rate of approximately 30-percent of the people that have been taking those courses, that are not Christians, become Christians through them.” They’re raising 180-thousand-dollars that will help them target more than14-million Russian speakers. He says this could be just the beginning. “We want to make this a template that we can use in evangelistic web sites throughout the world. Greater Europe Mission is obviously interested in using these in areas of Europe, but our other partnering agencies are also very much interested in using these templates.”

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