Story number 2 for 21 Feb 2000

By February 21, 2000

Meanwhile, the Inauguration of Stipe Mesec (STEEP-eh MEHS-ich) in Croatia is being viewed positively by mission groups working in the region. Joel Samy with World Hope Ministries lives and works in Croatia. “The president and the Prime Minister have conveyed their strong support of peace in the region. For the Christian community I think this is a very significant step as well which will allow greater freedom and opportunity for the evangelical Christian community.” Until now, many evangelical missionaries were unable to work in the region. Samy says this should help their new program at a local orphanage. “We’re in the process of dialoguing with the school director to allow a Christian correspondence course to be delivered to these 80 children that we’re feeding. And, the decision has yet to be made by the school director, but we’re encouraging Christians to pray for this matter.”

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