Story number 2 for 21 Jan 2003

By January 21, 2003

(International)–Next, global record-low coffee prices together with severe drought have devastated Central America’s coffee industry and left millions jobless and hungry. According to United Nations officials, thousands are facing starvation if they do not get help. Food for the Poor’s Angel (AHN-hel) Aloma says the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently donated enough dry milk to feed more than two million children in 14 countries for an entire year. “This will give three billion glasses of milk to these countries and there is nothing that is more wanted in countries that suffer from severe malnutrition and starvation than powdered milk.” Aloma says churches, missionaries and other non-governmental agencies form the backbone of the distribution network for Food For The Poor. But, more than feeding the body, their work is aimed at the soul, as well. “Our mission is basically to help the church in the third world, to empower them to be able to preach the Gospel effectively.”

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