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Published on 21 November, 2000

Story number 2 for 21 Nov 2000

Next, while evangelist Sammy Tippit is preaching the Gospel in Egypt, a worker with International Needs is encouraging believers to grow in their faith. This worker we’re calling Silas, because of security issues, says leadership training is essential for church growth in Egypt and the Arab world. Silas tells us why. “Many churches suffer with (lack) of leadership. Some of them are so closed and few are open. So, we hope that we can change the attitude of the leaders to be more open and give chances for young people to think about ministry.” Silas says 10 to 15-million people in Egypt are registered Christians. Silas says these people are a high priority. “The majority of them, they are not Christians. They don’t know Jesus. So, this is a big need to reach these people. The door is open for these people, and we have total freedom the nominal Christian.”

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About Egypt

  • Primary Language: Arabic, Standard
  • Primary Religion: Islam
  • Evangelical: 3.9%
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