Story number 2 for 22 Apr 2002

By April 22, 2002

(Haiti)–Meanwhile, reports indicate that about one in 10 children in Haiti are used as domestic slaves and the government can do little to stop it. However, government officials say more education for young people could help. That’s what Worldwide Christian Schools is trying to do in at least one village. Worldwide’s Dale Dieleman. “Worldwide Christian Schools in working to develop some funds to help actually put up a building, so that’s just one small school project that we’re doing. Our other involvement is with a consortium of Christian educators that are pulling together to develop a specific Haitian curriculum.” Dieleman says a Christian education can give hope to children suffering from hunger, economic strife and political uncertainty. “Haiti’s a really unique situation in that there’s so much in the culture that really mitigates against any kind of hope and I think the only real answer there is the transforming power of Jesus Christ in the hearts and minds of people.”

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