Story number 2 for 22 Apr 2003

By April 22, 2003

(Afghanistan)–Next, while the world’s attention has been on the war in Iraq, an evangelist from the United States has been in Afghanistan. Sammy Tippit just completed an intercessory prayer effort there and says the country needs help. “There’s a need for food. There’s a need for restoration and reconstruction of the whole infrastructure of the country. We saw where the Taliban had literally bombed out schools and hospitals and places of great need. So, there’s great need for reconstruction in the country.” Tippit says he was pleased to find a network of Christians in Afghanistan, but they have to meet underground. He’s planning to help them. “We’re hoping to extend a broadcast into the country of many of my devotional messages. We’re hoping to be able to share those messages with the believers there and disciple them. Also, we’re planning to do some evangelistic messages as well as leadership training messages.” Tippit also hopes to distribute C-D’s and players to those who don’t have radios.

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