Story number 2 for 22 Aug 2002

By August 22, 2002

(Africa)–Next, World Vision is using cycling power to reach parts of Africa for Christ. The group’s AIDS Cycling Relay begins next week and World Vision’s Brian Peterson says it will draw awareness in a unique way to one of the world’s greatest crisis. “Making the world sit up and take notice and doing something that’s much more positive and energetic. A cycle relay, the adventure, the effort, the action of it all really does allow us to draw some attention to a problem that can often times just be so overwhelming and depressing. We are going to be going through some areas of Africa where positive and productive things are being done.” The race begins in Mozambique and ends in Durban, South Africa. Peterson, who will be participating in the event, says their efforts will allow them to share the gospel, as well as see examples of how the good news of Christ and the local church are making a difference in these areas.

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