Story number 2 for 22 Feb 2000

By February 22, 2000

Meanwhile, the future of missionary work in Colombia is being discussed among the leadership at New Tribes Mission. Agency spokesman Scott Ross says the Colombian guerrillas have gotten stronger. “The guerrillas are moving to the higher population areas and have become much more violent in what they’re doing. We’ve decide to close our training program at this point, just not wanting to put at risk even our Colombian missionaries.” Ross says three New Tribes leaders are in Colombia talking about whether any work will continue. ” We hate to know in our hearts that there are tribal people still yet that have not been reached, but we also know that it’s becoming a very volatile area. So, please pray for the leadership that they can really know what the situation is and if it’s time to move out of Colombia then let’s do that and see what kind of strategy we can come up with to reach that country.”

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