Story number 2 for 22 Jan 2002

By January 22, 2002

(Philippines)–Meanwhile, increasingly wet weather in the Philippines is making it difficult for missionaries working in rural regions of the country. That’s the word from Ruth Kramer with Voice of China and Asia. Kramer explains why it’s so difficult. “Our pastors are working in rural areas. And, they have a hard time get to these places when it’s raining and flooded and are disaster areas. So, they need a lot of prayer. It seem in the most remote places are the hungriest for the Gospel and we bring that to them as long as God opens the door for it.” According to Kramer, these pastors need transportation to get them in and out of these rural areas. “They need new vehicles like a 4 wheel drive Jeep or something like that to get them into some of these areas. It would help them tremendously because then they’re able to get to these places rather than going for days trying to get there.” Kramer as these evangelists are able to get to these rural areas, more people will come to know Chrst.

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