Story number 2 for 22 Jun 2001

By June 22, 2001

(Uganda)–Our follow-up to the last story takes us to Uganda, where the AIDS crisis there is taking a turn for the better. Gospel Revival Ministries’ John Musser says they’ve just received an invitation to address Uganda’s leaders. GRM’s outreach in the country is widely credited for helping Uganda slow the AIDS death toll. Musser says their approach will be to: “Bring other doctors and bio-chemists in to share with the Cabinet with some military leaders also, how they can change their lives by receiving Jesus Christ into their hearts, and how we can introduce new technologies…”, such as super immune boosters, and special water purifiers. Musser says those tools can also be a burden, if used incorrectly. He asks believers to: “Pray for God’s people that when they are in stewardship of these new technologies that they would use these technologies for the advancement of the Gospel…that God would give us continued favor with these governments and that we would in no way compromise, whatsoever.”

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