Story number 2 for 22 Nov 2001

By November 22, 2001

(Pakistan)–Meanwhile, security problems have been making it difficult to distribute aid from cities to millions of needy people countrywide in Central Asia. The race is doubly urgent as workers have been scurrying to reach people ahead of the harsh Afghan winter. However, authorities say the food convoys from Pakistan to Afghanistan have again restarted. Life At It’s Best’s Norm Nelson explains how they’re trying to help. “We’re definitely going to be involved in helping to supply food, clothing and blankets, in particular, for the refugees, because the cold is on its way. This is the number one refugee situation on this planet at the moment.” Nelson adds that through the relief work, they are able to share the warmth of fellowship in and with Christ. “In Pakistan, in particular, there is a lot of Taliban presence in the refugee camps. You have to emphasize deeds. When you are extending a hand of friendship, a cup of cold water, they want to know, ‘Why are you doing this?’ So, that witness, through deeds, is really what opens the door.”

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